Infusion™ Iced Tea Carafe 1.4 L


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Product information

Perfectly brewed iced tea doesn’t just happen on its own. For true perfection, you need the thoughtfully designed Infusion Iced Tea Carafe. Enjoy the sensory experience of seeing your tea infuse. Then pour yourself a glass and bask in that sunshine.

Material: Borosilicate glass. Silicone. Stainless steel
Size: L: 14.8 cm - W: 11.0 cm - H: 25.0 cm - Vol: 1.40 L / 47.00 fl. oz.
Use instructions: Dishwasher safe - Not for use on stove top


Is it difficult to clean?
The wide mouth and neck make it easy to keep the Infusion Iced Tea Carafe looking its best. Our specially made Vitriluma borosilicate glass is the same type of glass used for high-end cookware and lab equipment, so you can be sure it won’t dull, mark or discolour easily. And of course, it’s 100% dishwasher safe.


How many glasses of tea can I make?
The Infusion Iced Tea Maker will yield around four to six glasses of iced tea. Enough for an afternoon spent relaxing in the sunshine with a good friend.

Will this fit in my fridge door?
The widest part of the jug is 11 cm wide, about as wide as a Champagne bottle. This will fit snugly in most refrigerator doors.


Can the stainless steel mesh strainer be removed?
The strainer basket detaches quickly and easily from the lid. This means you can use the carafe to make your favourite fruit infusion like blackcurrant and mint, coconut lime, or the summer classic - Arnold Palmer. And not only is it easy, your drinks will look more fabulous than ever. Summer here we come!

Is the silicone cap dishwasher safe?
The cap is made from our own premium quality food safe silicone, Istoflec. This means it’s completely safe for you and your family, and well as being dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Better for Tea
VIVA’s collection maximizes infusion for better taste, aroma, colour, and ultimate enjoyment. Using innovative filters, double-walled glass and non-drip pouring mechanisms, we make brewing easier, enjoyable, and more tasteful than ever.
Better for Design
Tea drinkers have always made a statement with their lifestyle.  Our collections make a statement too: Elegant.  Modern,  Balanced,   Clever,  Creative, and  Functional. Simply put, VIVA’s exceptional range of tea products are steeped in good taste.
Better for Quality
Each product is carefully hand-made by skilled artisans, and guaranteed.  Using carefully selected materials, our tea-ware reaches you in beautiful condition, and stays that way for years.
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